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dimanche 24 octobre 2010

About any handicap

I think I know well the problem of the handicap due to my deafness. Although I have hearing aids, I realized how well it was difficult to live with a handicap through societies and mentalities. Why? Generally, people don't accept people different from themselves. Perhaps, they are afraid of that difference. Some years ago, I also realized my friends, my family and my acquaintances didn't know anything about the handicap and the difficulties I had to cope with : the lack of vocabularies, relationship with others at school, my elocution...

Therefore, I decided to write my autobiography (in french) because I really wanted people to understand what a handicap means. A part of my close french friends and my family have read it and all of them really enjoyed it. I had some kind of feedbacks about it "Wow, Mathieu ! I am impressed because I would have never realized how hard it was for you!". I was grateful to get that feedback because I had succeeded in touching them and making them open their eyes about the handicap and its difficulties. They surely understood better the problem of the handicap then.

People often make a big mistake (surely because of their ignorance) to compare shyness to the handicap. Any humane shortcoming can not come into the topic "HANDICAP". The handicap is independant of the human being . That's a thing that the person must bear. May I call the handicap like a burden? The handicap shouldn't be a burden if the societies and the mentalities easily accept it !

Thus, I will pursue my writings in name of the handicap. I don't want those behaviours don't reproduce again. I wish to conquer the difference. I have already written a few chronicles and new poems on that topic. People should accept that difference and banish it !!